A Pink’s outfits for “Hush” get noticed

Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

A Pink‘s fashionable stage outfits for their “Hush” promotions have been noticed.

The group’s agency A Cube Entertainment stated on May 15th, “The jacket for A Pink’s first full-length album ‘UNE ANNEE‘, the music video, and stage outfits were designed by fashion designers Lee Do Ee and Kim Si Young, and have been getting a lot of interest from A Pink fans as well as those in the fashion world.”

Kim Si Young’s bright and cheery designs in particular show a completely new side to the group. She commented, “A Pink is a group that can be described more or less with the words ‘young girl’. I designed the outfits with that kind of lovely concept, and the form’s simplicity as well as structure’s security, giving it a modern feeling asymmetry in mind. It was a good opportunity, and working with A Pink was personally the first thrilling project in a while for me. I want to cheer for the girls’ new path, and will continue to support them in my heart for a long time.”

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