Han Ye Seul posed for ‘InStyle’ Magazine

Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Actress Han Ye Seul impressed many fashionistas with her chic pictorial for InStyle magazine.

InStyle and Marc by Marc Jacobs dressed the actress in casual, yet vividly colored pieces for her photoshoot in Bali. In the top shot, for example, Han Ye Seul wore coral-colored bermuda shorts and a cropped long sleeve. While the outfit is fairly casual, Han Ye Seul’s pin-straight hair and smoky eyes allowed it to become a sophisticated look.

Luxurious and carefree, she seemed to embody the very spirit of a jet-setter.

An official from the photoshoot stated, “Despite the hot weather, she posed like a real model so everything went smoothly”.


‘Sexy queen’ Uhm Jung Hwa posed for Harper’s Bazaar

Uhm Jung Hwa has reclaimed her title as ‘Korea’s original sexy queen‘ through her New Year’s photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

The singer-turned-actress dazzled in an all-white dress with open sleeves. She wore simple earrings and a bangle to accessorize her look without making it ‘too heavy’. However, her blown-out waves and raspberry-colored pout gives her just the right touch of drama and glamor.

Uhm Jung Hwa also elevated the charm of the photo through her strong poses. With her legs staunchly apart, Uhm Jung Hwa fixes the camera with a seductive glower while placing her hand invitingly on the doorknob. It’s almost hard to believe that she’s now 42 years old.

The actress is preparing for the release of her new movie, ‘Dancing Queen‘.


HyunA and Hyunseung posed for ‘High Cut’ Magazine

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

HyunA and Hyunseung have unveiled their photoshoot with ‘High Cut‘ magazine!

Combining the luxurious colors of gold and red, the two played up the festive atmosphere of Christmas for their first couple photoshoot together. As if performing a routine straight out of their choreography, the two impressed staff members by easily pulling off some sexy poses without any hesitation.

HyunA showed off her lean legs in a golden spangle dress while Hyunseung channeled a beastlier look in an Yves Saint Laurent pants, a Sung Jin fur vest, and Dior Homme high tops.

HyunA’s golden jacket is from Balmain, and under it, she wears a black jersey jump suit from Elie Tahari. Hyunseung matched her in Prada pants and a metallic shirt.

In their warmer red and white look, HyunA’s wearing a 96 New York red muffler as a dress while Hyunseungs decked from head to toe in white pieces from Neil Barrett.


Wonder Girls Yubin posed for ‘Dazed & Confused’

Wonder Girls member Yubin recently stunned fans with a dazzling pictorial for ‘Dazed & Confused‘ magazine.

Yubin recently posed for the 2012 January edition of ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine in which she took on a new image of maturity and distinctiveness for the photoshoot.

In this photoshoot, Yubin sported several unique outfits and showed off her ability to give multi-dimensional poses. Many netizens have also praised Yubin for her photos for showing a new unique side of herself that they haven’t witnessed before. In particular, one of Yubin’s photos brought about much praise as it seemed to rival that of high fashion models.

In regards to the photoshoot, Yubin stated, “Many people think that the Wonder Girls only stick with retro concepts. However, through our latest comeback ‘Be My Baby‘, we wanted to show people that we can have a more mature and artsy image as well. Since I’ve always had an interest in photos and artworks, I’ve wanted to shoot with ‘Dazed & Confused’ for awhile now.”


SHINee’s Taemin, Lee Min Ho, and more others attend VIP movie premiere

On December 20th, stars showed off their fall fashion at the VIP movie premiere for ‘Wonderful Radio‘ at Samsung-dong’s Megabox.

Lee Min Ho, SHINee‘s Taemin, Choi Daniel, Song Joong Ki, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Chul Min, Han Chae Young, Son Ye Jin, Tim, Moon Chae Won, Park Soo Jin, Park Bo Young, Bae Seul Gi, Jung So Min, Go Ara, Girl’s Day, Jung Ryeo Won, and more appeared in trench coats and leather jackets to fight the winter cold. Of course, since it was a VIP event, some stars opted for style rather than practicality by wearing short skirts with stockings or a thin blazer with a dress shirt.

‘Wonderful Radio’ stars Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Kim Jung Tae. It will open in theaters on January 5th, 2012.


KARA & SNSD Airport photos leaving for Japan

On December 18th, two of Korea’s biggest girl groups departed for Japan in preparation for their performances at the ‘Music Station Super Live‘.

Though Japan is only a short flight away, SNSD and KARA both opted for comfort and practicality in their airport fashion, as opposed to their usual cosmopolitan style. Since Korea is facing one of its coldest days of the season so far, the girls were seen bundled up in several layers with a thick jacket over top. Fashionistas immediately noticed that the girls chose boots that were either flat (ie: sheepskin boots) or had two inch-heels.

‘Music Station Super Live’ is a year-end music event held by TV Asahi, and will be broadcasted live on December 23rd from Chiba’s Makuhari Messe hall. SNSD and KARA will be performing with the likes of Lady Gaga, Arashi, EXILE, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Perfume, and TVXQ to name a few.


Go Ara posed for Elle Girl Magazine

Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Actress Go Ara showcased a fresh new appeal.

Until now, she has been praised for her flawless beauty, being called ‘goddess’, and ‘doll-like’, but for her most recent Elle Girl photo shoot, Go Ara ditched the party dress and sported a more tom-boy image.

The staff members on set were surprised by her transformation and remarked, “We saw a whole new side of her that we have yet to see until today.”

During the interview, Go Ara remarked, “I suddenly became this ‘goddess’ and ‘doll’ without even knowing about it. I am grateful that people view me that way, but my personality is more laid back and down-to-earth. When it comes to food, I really enjoy street food as opposed to fine dining.”

The actress has two movies scheduled to be released next year, ‘PaPa‘, and ‘Pace Maker‘. “I learned and felt a lot of new things as I filmed both movies. My hope is that when viewers watch the movie,they will feel the same joy that I felt while shooting it.”


Wonder Girls’ Sohee posed for Z_ZIN Magazine

On December 15th, famous photographer Jo Sun Hee revealed a surprising photo of Wonder Girls ‘Sohee.

Once known as the cute maknae of the Wonder Girls, Sohee transformed into a dark gothic woman and graced the cover of Z_Zin Magazine.

Jo Sun Hee tweeted, “I was able to find a hidden charm to Sohee!!!“ @Z_ZIN: 7th edition of Z_ZIN!!! Wonder Girls’ Sohee’s photo shoot!! Now you can see it!!”.

Sohee wore a variety of black and white styles and posed for the camera.


Dynamic Duo rocks hip hop fashion

Dynamic Duo has become a hot topic amongst old-school K-Pop fans, thanks to their 90′s-inspired stage fashion.

When the boys performed on December 11th’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, they came out in hip hop gear that was popular before their debut. Older K-Pop fans felt nostalgic when they saw Gaeko and Choiza rocking Timberland boots, baggy sweatpants and hoodies two sizes too big for them, as well as beanies and bandanas. They finished the look by rolling up a pant leg and donning large, heavy chains around their necks.

After the program aired, the boys explained, “The concept for our performance ensemble was inspired by the first issue of ‘Bounce Magazine‘. We would love to do a rap battle with the Wu-Tang Clan over some drum cans on a day like today.”

Dynamic Duo is currently promoting their title track “Burning Friday” from their 6th full-length album, ‘DIGILOG 1/2‘. The second half of the album is scheduled to be released early next year.


Min Hyo Rin posed for ‘Vogue’ magazine

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Actress Min Hyo Rin got decked out in Versace for a pictorial with Vogue magazine.

Min Hyo Rin flawlessly embodied the bold feminine aesthetic of the Italian fashion house with her figure-hugging dress, heavy gold accessories, and darkly-rimmed eyes. Her hair was puffed out and crimped to add a touch of runaway glamor to her overall look.

Interestingly, the actress held onto a cloth doll designed by Donatella Versace herself. This doll, along with 14 others, were specially created by various designers for a Doosan Magazine charity event. Their proceeds went towards helping underprivileged children, such as providing meals in poor areas and learning grants for students who could not afford to study.


Yoon Eun Hye attended the opening of MCM's Hong Kong Times Square store with her yellow alligator skin bag

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

On December 7th, actress Yoon Eun Hye flew to China to attend the opening of MCM‘s Hong Kong Times Square store.

Known to be a top fashionista, Yoon Eun Hye’s airport style drew immediate interest, especially her yellow alligator skin bag. Netizens have been wondering how much that bag cost, and a representative from MCM revealed, “The yellow alligator bag is an MCM limited item worth 6,000,000 won (roughly $5,300 USD)”.

Yoon Eun Hye let the bag become the centerpiece of her outfit, wearing shades of cream and beige so that the bright yellow will pop.


CeCi shares Happy Pledis’ Christmas shoot

Senin, 12 Desember 2011

On December 8th, a behind-the-scenes video from the Pledis family’s Christmas pictorial was released online.

After School, Son Dambi, and their yet-to-debut brothers, the Pledis Boys, all dressed in their Christmas finest for a photoshoot with CeCi magazine.

The concept was called ”Oh! Party Tonight“, and so stylists brought in luxury bags, shirts, ties, dresses, jewelry and leather jackets to emulate a glamorous evening affair. Champagne and pretty finger foods were also laid out to boost the effect.


Kim Hyun Joong design a special necklace with Justin Davis

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong will be collaborating with world-famous jewelry designer Justin Davis to create a necklace that reflects his unique sense of fashion style.

A member of the Justin Davis staff praised the fashionista singer saying, “Kim Hyun Joong displayed his innate sense of design and creativity through this collaboration, living up to his title as one of the top Hallyu stars today. We applaud Kim Hyun Joong for continuously attempting new projects, even though he is already loved by fans all over the globe.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s necklace in collaboration with Justin Davis will be revealed in mid-December, and it will first begin selling at major department stores in Japan, and will hit major shopping outlets in Korea as well as the rest of the world. Justin Davis jewelry is a trendy and classy line of accessories worn by world-famous stars such as Eminem, Paris Hilton, Namie Omura, Ayumi Hamasaki, and more.

The singer who has successfully made his transformation into a solo singer will be keeping busy for the rest of the year with a final product review on top of his appearances on the various year-end music programs.


VOGUE TV releases Wonder Girls in Wonderland photoshoot

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

In the December issue of VOGUE Korea, the Wonder Girls made a stunning transformation with a daring pictorial. As a special treat, VOGUE TV has released behind-the-scenes footage of the photoshoot.

With Sohee’s Louis Vuitton inspired bunny ears and clock as well as Yubin’s Mad Hatter-esque top hat, the photo shoot transports the viewer into a dark, Lewis Carroll-inspired wonderland.


Song Hye Kyo photo shoot for VOGUE magazine

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Actress Song Hye Kyo posed for the December edition of ‘VOGUE‘ fashion magazine, where she looked sexier than before.

She brought out her eyes with dark, smokey eye makeup and she wore a racy see-through lace top over her bare skin. The look was rather shocking for netizens, who were at a loss for words upon viewing her pictorials.

Some responded to her photos with comments like, “The wind will get into your top“, “This is the best see-through fashion I’ve ever seen“, and “What kind of concept is this?”

In related news, Song Hye Kyo recently filmed ‘The Great Descendants‘ (directed by Wang Gaui) in China.


Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha poses for ‘Dazed and Confused’

Senin, 05 Desember 2011

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha has recently caught the full attention of netizens by undergoing a complete transformation in her latest December photo shoot for ‘Dazed and Confused‘ fashion magazine.

She wore a black brassiere under a flashy gold jacket. Around her neck hung several different pieces of heavy jewelry, and she wore a navy blue sheer skirt with matching blue lipstick to complete her provocative look.

Netizens who saw the photos responded with comments such as, “Are you chanting and lighting candles?”, “You’re sitting but you have absolutely no folded belly fat“, “The see-through skirt is so provocative“, and more.


SNSD spent 2-3 hours perfecting their makeup for 2011 MAMA

Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

Before performing at the 2011 MAMA that took place at Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29th, the ladieswere present at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotlel to attend a related press conference. The girls appeared professional and classy, living up to their title as the queens of Hallyu as they shared their thoughts on standing on the MAMA stage.

200 reporters from 120 different media sources were at the press conference, and the girls were flooded with various questions as they are gaining popularity not only in Korea and Asia but overseas in Europe as well.

When asked, “How long does it take to perfect your makeup for a large-scale performance such as MAMA?”, the girls responded, “Stage makeup takes anywhere from 2-3 hours“, further proving how diligent the SNSD girls are to perfect their performance, starting with their external appearance.

A German reporter then asked, “You have a lot of fans in Germany as well. Would you be able to come perform in Germany in the future?”, to which the girls responded, “We are always ready to go where our fans want us, whether it be Germany or elsewhere“.

We think that the 2011 MAMA will be a good opportunity for us to communicate with a lot of different people through our music. It’s another chance for us to more intimately share our music“, they continued.

The 13th annual MAMA was streamed live in thirteen different countries including Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, while the taped event will be broadcasted in seven countries including America, China, and France.


2NE1 in "2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards"

On November 27th, 2NE1 turned heads with their unique airport fashion as they headed for Singapore to attend the "2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards" (MAMA).

Known for their unique sense of style, the girls surprised many fans with their outfit choices. Sandara Park stood out the most thanks to her bright pink jacket, aside from that, however, she played it casual with comfortable jeans and loafers. CL rocked her trademark shades, but instead of going for ‘loud’, she presented ‘sophisticated’. Sheer stockings, sexy platform booties, and a layered black mini-dress gave CL the look of a Parisian fashionista.

Speaking of fashionista,Park Bom turned in an outfit that screamed “ghetto fabulous meets K-Pop star”. She wore a black fur jacket with leopard-print kill heels, cross-patterned stockings and super short shorts. Bom’s baby face and high ponytail softened the otherwise fierce look.

Last, but not least,Minzy decided to go with something more modest, and showed up in a long black coat and black cap. Fans commented on how their little maknae was growing up into quite a lady.


Park Shi Hoo in Bali

Marie Claire has revealed photos from Park Shi Hoo‘s new pictorial.

Recently, Park Shi Hoo wrapped up his role on ‘The Princess’ Man‘. During his break, he went to Bali for this photoshoot with Marie Claire. Even though this is part of his job, he got to hang out by the beautiful sea.

Park Shi Hoo said, “It’s an amazing thing to live as an actor. Even if things are slow, even if things go back a little bit, if I can enjoy the present, those things won’t be a problem.”

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