Korean famous Chocolate Lotte Ghana and Crunky

Jumat, 29 April 2011

Chocolates have their own brand and history in every countries. People over the world know Cadbury as the leading chocolate's brand. At Korea, the most famous Chocholate brand may be Lotte.

Lotte Chocolate is one of the must buy foods for tourists while visit Korea. The popularity of Lotte is not only for the domestic, but also spreading over Korea's neighbour countries such as China.

Lotte actually is big company, one of the largest food and shopping groups in Korea and Japan. The main offices are located in Seoul and Tokyo, and they manufactur chocolate, confectionary, ice cream, and soft drinks. The Lotte Groups is also engaged in hotels, chemicals, electronics, publishing, construction and more and consists of more than 60 business units.

The sub company for food division is called Lotte Confectionery. This company is also producing the famous chewing gum Lotte.

Food and chocolate are just a tiny part of Lotte's empire. Their chocolate products are anything but innovative and cater to the indifferent chocolate eater. No certified chocoholic would try to get his fix from Lotte.

Lotte produces 2 kind of Chocolate products : Crunky and Lotte Ghana. Crunky Bar is a combination of milk chocolate and puffed rice. The most remarkable thing is the bar is very thin, and skinny.

Lotte Ghana is a popular Japanese chocolate brand (manufactured in Japan according to the wrapping). As the name describes, the chocolate is made with cocoa from Ghana. The flavor is sweet and delicate, with pure chocolate aromas.

However, the milk chocolate contains palm oil while the dark chocolate contains palm oil, rapeseed oil and artificial aromas; thus, the chocolates cannot be regarded as top quality.

Korean Lotte Chocopie
168 gm Lotte Choco Pie-Chocolate Pie
Premium quality delicious ‘Choco Pie’ blended with wheat flour, cocoa solids and glucose.
Net Weight- 168 gm
Price: US$ 5.35

Korean Lotte Milk Chocolate

Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate
Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate is a Creamy, milky chocolate with the richness of cacao. Ghana Milk Chocolate is popular of its mild taste and dissolving sensation.
Ingredients: Sugar, Cacao Mass, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Artificial Flavor.
Allergy Information: Contains Milk, Soybean. May Contain: Egg, Wheat.
Net Wt. 2.47 oz.
Price : US $2.25

Korean Lotte Chocolate Ghana Premium Pie
Korean Lotte Chocolate Ghana Premium Pie

Korean Lotte Chocolate Crunky
Korean Lotte Chocolate Crunky

Korean Lotte Black Ghana
Korean Lotte Black Ghana

Watch Korea Lotte Chocolate Commercial CF Video here

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