Lee Pa Ni show black bra straps

Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Lee Pa Ni, is a korean model and a winner of South Korea's first-ever model contest. Lee Pa Ni entered South Korea’s first-ever modeling contest in 2006 and won. As the winner, Pani traveled to the mansion in the US of A for the World Team Photo Shoot which coincided with the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.

Lee Pa Ni is a sexy korean girl, with 174 cm tall and weighing 49 kg with measurements of 34-23-36, and was selected as the winner of Spice TV's  2006 Korea Model Contest

Lee Pa Ni, showed her uniqued fashion when she weared an evening dress. What a funny style she showed her black bra straps, peek out through her wear.

By The Way, how to say bra in korean language ? It is important for korean girls who want to buy bras in Korean.
Bra in Korean is 브래지어 = braziere. The first two character blocks are bra, the second the ziere. Korean’s borrow a lot of words from other languages and put them through hangul.

Korean singer and model, Lee Pa Ni, showed her black bra through her red dress
korean bra strap show

korean bra strap show

Lee Pa Ni looks like still wear the same black bra, although she changed her red dress into white gown.
lee pa ni korean bra strap show

lee pa ni korean bra strap show

Bra in Korean Language is 브래지어 = braziere.
lee pa ni korean bra strap show


Korean Restaurant at Ipoh Malaysia

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

If you stay at Ipoh, a nice city in Malaysia, you will find a lot of nice food there. Many international restaurants are waiting for you. Some of my favourite restaurant is Yea Won Korean Restaurant.

Yea Won Korea Restaurant (艺菀韩食馆) should be the only place to have Korean cuisine in Ipoh. Few establishments blossomed before but all closed down. The restaurant is located at the row of new shops next to Tesco hypermarket and opposite Jusco. It is also within walking distance to Kizuna Japanese Restaurant.

The airy interior of Yea Won Korea Restaurant (艺菀韩食馆) has no evidence of smoky atmosphere even though no exhaust fans provided above the dining tables. Customer can choose to sit at either normal dining table or an elevated floor which requires them to take off their shoes.

While talking about the food here, regardless which main course customer order, there are about 6 types of banchan served, which include kimchi, muchae (white radish with chilli peppers), the highly suspected Gyeran-jjim (steamed eggs in tofu shape) and salad with mayo dressing and probably others. Although the portion of each dish is not very big, but customer are welcome to request for unlimited replenishment.

Other than that, the Mo Dem BBQ set probably is one of the most recommended meal here, consists of pork cutlets, enoki mushrooms, and onions. The staff there would took the initiative to grill the meat for customer. In order to prevent the BBQ meat to become too oily, they even placed a white paper cup positioned at the end of the grill to collect the grease and oil from the meat. Although the meat were not marinated but customer can eat them with the dipping sauces and leafy greens. It would definitely be a greater taste to use these fresh leafy greens to wrap the meat, side dishes, garlic, and green chilli before dipping the whole bunch into 3 different type of sauces.

Last but not least, Yea Won Korea restaurant owner would definitely recommend some Korean Fried Rice Cakes (韩式炒年糕), which is in red pepper sauce. The rice cakes were quite thick and chewy, while the sauce is bland.

Normally complimentary to a meal, the barley tea is a soothing, Korean style tea, which tastes pretty much like Chinese tea but with a smoother aroma and flavor. Anyway RM3 for a whole jug was not so bad, especially if customer order BBQ set as their meal.

Overall, it is a clean and comfort restaurant with delicious and special food and sincere service. The price is also consider reasonable which worth to have a try.

Restaurant/Stall name: Yea Won Korea Restaurant (艺菀韩食馆)
Restaurant/Stall location: 6, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh.
Opening hour: Closes at 3pm for break and reopen at 6pm for dinner
Contact: 05-546 5779

Yea Won Korean Restaurant at Ipoh Malaysia
ipoh yea won korean restaurant

ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Cockle (蜊)
cockle ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Fried sotong
fried sotong ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Side dish (Kimchi)
kimchi ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Mo Dem BBQ (Before)
mo dem bbq ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Korean rice cake
rice cake ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Side dish (Salad)
salad ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Side dish (Bean sprout)
side dish ipoh yea won korean restaurant

Sizzling stone rice (韩式石头饭)
sizzling stone rice ipoh yea won korean restaurant

sushi ipoh yea won korean restaurant

this article was taken from http://www.wikistreetfood.com/Perak:Yea_Won_Korea_Restaurant_(艺菀韩食馆)

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