Korean Lunar New Year Seollal Tradition

Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Lunar new year is not only celebrated in China, but Korea do also. Lunar New Year or Korea new year is called Seollal (설날) or Sol-Nal. Seollal is the first day of the Korean lunar calendar. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays.

Korean Seollal Tradition

Seollal is a major holidays on Korea. On that Seollal day, Korean`s wear their traditional costume (Hanbok), have ancestor-memorial services, and bow to their elders and wish each other Happy New Years. Followed by eating traditional Korean dishes such as ddeokguk and playing games.

Koreans start the New Year by eating “rice-soup” in the morning as a celebration of “getting a year older” and make a big bow to elders as an expression of respect. Elders grant money called “Sae-Bae Don” as a return to the big bow

On the morning of Sol-nal, everyone dresses in specially prepared, traditional clothes (usually new and fresh). Generally, these clothes are decorated with five colors. They are called Sol-bim.

Early in the morning, every family gathers at their eldest male member's home to perform Cha-rye, ancestral memorial rites. Bowls of Ttok-kuk are served. This is a soup of thinly, sliced white rice cake, boiled in a thick beef broth topped with bright garnishes and green onions.

Ttok-kuk means "adding age." People believe if they have a bowl of this soup, they will become one year older. Koreans traditionally add one to their age, not after their birthdays but after Sol-nal.

After the big, very special breakfast, the younger people bow to the their elders, wishing them health and long life, good luck, and prosperity through the whole year. This bowing is called Se-bae or Jol.

This year, Korean New Year will start from 4th February 2010. In chinese Zodiac, this year will be Tiger Year.

Happy New Year in Korean Language

How to say Happy New Year in Korean ? 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (sae hae bok mani badeuseyo) is Happy New Year in Korean Language.

Korean Sol Nal Hanbok
The New Year's day ceremonies begin in the morning with the donning of formal dress (hanbok) by family members.

Korean Hanbok in new year

Lunar New Year Korea
“Lunar new Year” (Chinese’s New Year) is the most celebrated holiday season in Korean culture

Korean New Year tradition
Sae Bae, Korean New Year Traditon . This takes the form of younger family members bowing deeply to the elders, first to the grandparents, then the parents, then the uncles and aunts.

Watch Korean Culture - How To Bow on New Year's Day video here

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