Stars attend opening ceremony of Theory in Seoul

Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

On the night of March 29th, New York fashion label, Theory held the opening ceremony for a new store in Shinsadong, Seoul.

Some of the top stars were invited to the event including Lee Yo Won, Kim Min Jung, Choi Yeo Jin, Choi Kang Hee, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Ji Jin Hee, Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Sang Woo, Yoon Do Hyun, married couple Jung Hye Young and Sean, Busker Busker, Tugaewol’s Ye Rim, and others.

Theory’s merchandise is sold at Theory’s signature stores and other upscale department stores across the globe. The brand also operates several flagship stores located in America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Theory hopes to deliver the same high quality apparel found in their New York shops to this latest Theory store in Korea.


Seohyun wears an all-black chic look at the airport

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun‘s airport fashion is creating buzz across the internet.

Pictures of Seohyun’s airport fashion were uploaded onto an online community site. Rather than wearing a simple t-shirt, cardigan, and jeans like the other members, Seohyun gave off a “New York” vibe, wearing a classy, all-black outfit.

Seohyun wore a long black coat, and held a matching black bag. To accent her all-black outfit, Seohyun draped a trendy, leopard-print scarf across her shoulders. The gold-studded, buckle tote bag in particular showed off Seohyun’s fashion sense. On top of this chic and cool look, Seohyun made the airport look like the stage for a photoshoot with her classy expressions and runway-like walk.


Ji Jin Hee posed a gentleman style for Cartier

Actor Ji Jin Hee transformed into a “gentleman” for fashion brand Cartier in the new issue of ‘Esquire‘.

According to Cartier, the photo shoot was set in a restaurant and a museum in order to follow the concept of a confident and elegant man in a comfortable and spacious environment. Wearing Alfred Dunhill‘s sophisticated suit and Cartier’s watch, Ji Jin Hee looks absolutely handsome in these photos.

Staff members praised Ji Jin Hee for his continuous hard work despite the fact that the the photoshoot went overtime.


Sooyoung and Seohyun attend DKNY 2012 SS fashion show

On March 27th, the ‘DKNY 2012 SS‘ fashion show was held in Apgujeong, one of the largest fashion districts in Seoul.

A line of celebrities guested on this event including Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung and Seohyun, actress Jung Ryeo Won, Moon Chae Won, actor Jung Gyu Woon, and others.

Both Sooyoung and Seohyun grabbed the attention of nearbyers with their classy and elegant fashion wear. Sooyoung wore a long piece, one-piece dress that accentuated her tall figure. Her white purse and heels matched well with her overall look and supported DKNY’s spring collection theme. Despite being the maknae of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun showed off a more mature look than her usual self. She sported various colors of clothing including a white blouse and loose, blue dress which gave off a modern and chic vibe.


G.Na transforms into a Spring goddess for lingerie brand ‘Lefee’

Pictorials of singer G.Na posing for fashion lingerie brand Lefee‘s new 2012 Spring/Summer collection have recently been revealed.

The pictorials drew explosive interest immediately upon being released, as they display G.Na’s classically innocent yet sexy appeal.

The singer looked like a Spring goddess wearing a short pink dress and a hair piece to decorate her long wavy black hair, earning the praise of her fans.

This is G.Na’s second photo shoot with Lefee, and she pulled off a variety of different concepts like a professional while also managing to bring out her bubbly charm in each cut.


Kang Sora and Won Bin are a couple for Basic House

Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Actress Kang Sora who has been enjoying her growing popularity due to her appearances on KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ and MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ was recently appointed as a new model for casual fashion brand, Basic House.

An official from the brand explained why Kang Sora was chosen as their next female model. ”We believed Kang Sora’s bright and healthy image that is much loved by the public would be a perfect match with our own brand image and thus appointed her as an exclusive model.”

It was also reported that Kang Sora wrapped up shootings for the spring collection of Basic House last month with main male model, Won Bin as the brand’s latest couple. Although it was her first project for Basic House, Kang Sora boosted the staff morale with her upbeat and cheerful personality.


f(x)’s Sulli ‘Pink Wings Campaign’ photos for Vogue Girl revealed

Senin, 26 Maret 2012

f(x)‘s Sulli recently took on the ‘Pink Wings Campaign‘ for Vogue Girl.

The ‘Pink Wings Campaign’, is already endorsed by other female celebrities such as Yoo In Na, Hyuna, SISTAR, and more. The campaign aids families where due to circumstances, the grandparents end up taking care of their grandchildren. The products endorsed through Sulli’s pictorial will be sold at the Pink Wings Pop-up Store and all profits from these products will be donated to the families of the ‘Pink Wings Campaign’.

Sulli’s photoshoot was themed just in time for Spring as she portrays an innocent and girly image while managing to create a different atmosphere for each photo.

Sulli’s full photo spread can be seen in the April version of Vogue Girl.


Park Han Byul posed for NYLON magazine

Actress Park Han Byul showcased her flawless body line.

On March 21st, fashion magazine NYLON released a few pictorials from Park Han Byul’s photo shoot for GUESS Shoes.

Tossing aside her lovely and bubbly image she has carried with her thus far, she stuck a rather seductive pose that showcased her long, shapely legs as well as her perfect S-line figure.

Netizens envious of her body shape wrote, “Just once, I’d like to look like her,” and “What does she have to do to maintain that figure?”

In related news, the actress is currently starring in MBN‘s weekend drama, ‘Bolder By The Day‘.


Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung posed for InStyle magazine

Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung looked stunning for her most recent photo shoot.

Sooyoung completed a ‘Color Rush’ concept photo shoot with InStyle magazine, and donned outfits in bright solid colors of red, green, and blue.

The singer who struck such expert poses for the camera remarked that her favorite color to wear was actually black.

“My mood is so bright now, seeing all these colorful items,” she said. “This Spring, I think I’ll find some colors that look good on me and add them to my wardrobe.”

But more than her bold-colored eye-catching outfits, it was Sooyoung’s flawless appearance that drew the most attention.

Her full lips and large almond eyes on her extremely small face as well as her long arms and legs reminded staff members of actress Kim Hyo Jin.


KARA’s Goo Hara turns sexily rebellious for ‘W Korea’

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

KARA‘s Goo Hara recently shed her innocent image and transformed into a rebellious, city girl.

Promoting global denim brand, Levis, Goo Hara had a photoshoot in Hong Kong for the fashion magazine, ‘W Korea‘. For the April photoshoot, Goo Hara transformed her cute and adorable image she’s most known for, to a more bellicose image with smoky eyeliner and mussed hair.

Rocking sleek denim jeans, powerful red ankle skinnies, and a feminine denim one piece, Goo Hara proves that she looks sexy with any style. In addition, with the clothes she gives a small peak at her rock hard abs, Goo Hara is receiving much praise.

Meanwhile, KARA is preparing for their Japanese tour concert, which will start on April 15th at Yokohama.


CNBlue/FT Island’s live “Stand Up” style!

On March 9th, CNBlue and FT Island played for a crowd of 5,000 adoring international fans in Los Angeles at their “STAND UP” concert. I was among the crowd and have brought back some rock ‘n roll looks to include into your wardrobe.

CNBlue overall had a great, balanced look with washed out spring colors and neutrals. Easy going silhouttes in soft, comfortable fabrics play back to their carefree style of music. Any piece of theirs can make hundreds of different outfits and can appeal to a wide range of styles.

FT Island was ready to rock in head to toe black with pops of white and sequins. Slim fitting blazers and tuxedo jackets over low cut v-neck tees create a sexy look. Ending with super tight skinny jeans, they left all the female Primadonnas begging for more.


Hyuna launch her own fashion brand, ‘Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR’

Hyuna from 4minute, will be launching her own fashion brand called, ‘Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR‘.

Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR will be a ‘retro, chic, and sexy’ concept, pulling inspiration from the vintage looks of the 50′s and 60′s.

Since Hyuna is putting her name on the line, she will be extremely involved, starting from the concept development, design, as well as directing the photo shoots.

Hyuna stated, “Although as an artist I did show a lot of sexy concepts, for this brand which will be launching at the end of March, I worked very hard to delivers styles that are not only sexy, but also fashionable and stylish. For this spring, if you own a single item mixed with lace, anyone can easily complete a trendy look.”


Han Chae Young posed for True Religion

Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Actress Han Chae Young showed off her flawless figure during a recent photo shoot.

The actress posed for clothing brand True Religion‘s newest Spring collection. She looked elegant yet comfortably natural in the trending pastel colors. Dressed in a fringed lavender skirt with the plaid button up top, the actress pulled off the effortlessly sexy, yet rustic concept that the line is known for.

A representative from True Religion remarked, “Overall, the minimal look is being preferred in the fashion world, and simple, classic items such as denim will be enjoyable this season. Pastel denim will be in, and will be good to wear as the focus of your outfit.”


EXO-K style icon for Calvin Klein Jeans in ‘High Cut’ magazine

SM Entertainment‘s newest group, EXO-K, had their first solo photo shoot with ‘High Cut‘ magazine recently.

EXO-K was chosen specifically as models for the new line of double indigo jeans by global brand Calvin Klein Jeans, and the members pulled off the concept of “Listless Afternoon of Youth” perfectly.

One representative stated, “We judged them to be new idols who could become fashion icons so we did a photo shoot with them before they even debuted.”

Check out more photos from the ‘High Cut’ shoot with Su Ho, Baek Hyun, Chan Yeol, D.O., Kai, and Se Hun below!


Big Bang’s T.O.P attends FUBU’s ’2TOP Jeans’ trial campaign

Casual brand FUBU‘s newest muse T.O.P attended the ‘2TOP Jeans‘ trial radio broadcast campaign that was held at FUBU’s Flagship Store in Seoul on March 12th.

The Big Bang rapper showcased his unique style of fashion, matching his accessories and even his contact lenses with his new hair color.

FUBU’s ’2TOP Jeans’ line boasts a wide variety of denim, from raw denim to more vintage styles of jeans.

Meanwhile, T.O.P along with the rest of his Big Bang members have recently made a comeback to the K-pop scene with their new mini-album, ‘ALIVE‘.


Jay Park posed for ‘High Cut’ Magazine

Singer Jay Park‘s defined abs are once again receiving attention.

On March 7th, a video surfaced on an online community site with the title, “Jay Park at a photo shoot.”

The shared clip revealed footage of Jay Park at his recent ‘High Cut‘ photo shoot, striking various poses in different Spring fashion.

The one pose that drew the most attention, however, was one where a topless Jay laid comfortably on his back.

Jay’s defined ab muscles were clearly visible without the singer needing to flex, impressing fans and netizens alike.

“These are what you call abs,” they wrote, in addition to, “He’s known to take good care of himself“, and “His skin is amazing.”

The pictorials from Jay’ photo shoot can be found in the 72nd edition of High Cut magazine!


Nine Muses’ Sera poses for the March issue of ‘MAXIM’

Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Nine Muses‘ Sera was selected to model for MAXIM‘s latest issue.

The members of Nine Muses are known for being ‘model idols’, thanks to their slim, shapely figures and tall height. Sera alone was chosen to model for Maxim’s March issue, however, due to her charismatic gaze and explosive vocal talent on stage..

Sera took on several different concepts for this shoot, including ‘bad girl’ and ‘femme fatale’ to show off her lethal appeal.


4minute’s Gayoon delivers a sophisticated pictorial for ‘High Cut’

4minute‘s Gayoon is looking fierce for her pictorial with High Cut magazine!

Several shots from her pictorial were recently unveiled online, and Gayoon galvanized fans with her powerful charm. Though she was decked out in colorful pieces befitting of the upcoming Spring season, Gayoon looked anything but sweet and soft.

With her hair styled in thick waves and her eyes dabbed with a smouldering smoky design, Gayoon exuded a magnetism that proclaimed sophistication and maturity.


‘Moon-Sun’ child actress Kim Yoo Jung for ‘Wanna Girls’

Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung delivered an interesting pictorial for women’s magazine, ‘Wanna Girls‘.

Kim Yoo Jung shot to superstardom thanks to her wonderful performance as ‘Yeon Woo’ on MBC‘s hit drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘. For her shoot with ‘Wanna Girls’, she’s swapped her traditional hanbok for outfits ranging from girlishly chic to mature and elegant.

The outfits and looks reflect the photoshoot’s theme of “Girl, you will be a woman“, meaning that the pictorial would document the progression of her style from a young girl to a grown woman.


Davichi’s Kang Minkyung reveals her flawless S-line figure

Davichi member Kang Minkyung is making headlines with her spectacular figure.

After being selected as the newest model for cosmetics brand ‘DHC Korea‘, the singer completed an advertisement shoot that took place last month.

Wearing only a body suit, Minkyung displayed her flawless S-line figure that invoked envy amongst the female staff members on set.

A representative from DHC Korea remarked, “We kept a close eye on her as she always stood out with her blemish-free, milky skin. But we were once again blown away by her flawless physique and decided to select her as our newest model.”

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