Girls’ Generation Tiffany reveals she gets stressed over airport fashion

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Girls’ Generation member Tiffany confessed that she’s been under some stress because of “airport fashion“.

On April 24th, a staff member from SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ shared that on the recent filming of the show, Tiffany revealed, “Before, I used to go to the airport without caring about what I wore. But as airport fashion started becoming a hot topic, I began to care more.”

She continued, “On the days that I dress up from head to toe, there are no reporters. But strangely enough, when I come back from a performance abroad with no makeup on while wearing slippers, I get a lot of pictures taken,” sharing her worries and frustrations about airport fashion.

In addition to Tiffany, the latest recording of ‘Strong Heart’ included guests such as Ivy, Lee Joon, Kim Na Young, and Park Kyung Lim.

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