Kim Tae Hee’s fashion in the Maldives for the upcoming issue of ‘Marie Claire’

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Goddess Kim Tae Hee displayed her alluring beauty that seems to be growing as time goes by in a pictorial for the May issue of the fashion magazine, Marie Claire. The pictorial took place in the beautiful Maldives and the backdrop of the Maldives emerald sea and warm sun gives a feeling of paradise. Her skin-tone silk chiffon dress displays a feminine appeal that is light and seductive at the same time.

Kim Tae Hee also donned bright colors like blue and hot pink silk dresses to give a sexy appeal amidst the bright colors of the Maldives’ emerald sea. Her white and skin-tone silk chiffon dresses accentuated her curves to accomplish a natural and sophisticated look.

 The editor of the pictorial states, “Kim Tae Hee was able to represent the peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty of the Maldives. Her poses and expressions along with her fashion helped to perfectly re-create the atmosphere of the Maldives for this pictorial.”

Kim Tae Hee’s capitvating beauty along with her Maldives inspired fashion can be seen in the May issue of ‘Marie Claire’ magazine.

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