Lee Hyori poses with her puppy

Jumat, 04 November 2011

Lee Hyori and her adorable puppy were found in this month’s edition of ’Oh Boy!‘ magazine.

The beloved animal activist sported winter pieces from clothing brand ‘Topgirl’, and displayed a variety of looks to showcase a chic, yet casual style. The points for this collection seem to lie in statement jackets, like boyish military coats and feminine red-checkered jackets. Trench coats with animal print lining and cute capes add a sense of fun, sending the message that winter gear doesn’t have to be drab or boring.

Since Lee Hyori was a Topgirl spokesmodel from the company’s inception, she was quite comfortable with the brand’s styling. In return, Topgirl was able to highlight the singer’s stunning body and charismatic gazes in their pictures. Her dog Soonshim was on set as well to keep Hyori company and add a special ‘natural’ touch to the entire shoot.

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