Korean celebrities with Honey Thighs

Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Korean women are famous outsite Korea for her original beauty, eye plastic surgery, and later we recently hear Honey Thighs from Korean Girls. Honey Thighs is a new phrase and very popular in Korea today besides Chocolate ABS. Honey Thighs may be describe a woman who has a sexy thighs, sweet as honey thighs, or the thigh looks very delicious that make us want to eat it up.

Actually, the use of word Honey Thighs is still controversy. "Honey thighs” isn’t as simple as it may initially sound, claiming that honey thighs is more sexual and means something more along the lines of “a thigh I’d love to rub honey on and lick off”. But what's matter the meaning, the women still want to have that honey thighs.

Korean Celebrities are the object with this Honey Thighs. The most famous Korean Celebrities with honey thighs like Tiffany from SNSD, UEE from After School, and 2NE1's Park Bom.

Others disagreed, and some said that if you're going to get rid of 'honey thighs', you'll also have to get rid of jinseungnam (beastman) or 'chocolate abs'.

Tiffany Honey Thighs Secret

Tiffany from SNSD was voted as celebrity with the most attractive thighs. Recently, Tiffany's thighs were measured using a measuring tape and they were found to have a ratio of 5:3:2, which is known as the perfect proportion. Her 'honey thighs' were also shown to be firm due to exercise and the audience and other guests gasped in surprise.

Tiffany's exercise routine was specially developed by Body Designer Kim Soochang with SNSD in mind, since it is hard for them to squeeze in time for exercising. Tiffany said, "I made my figure while having fun, not exerting a lot of energy, and without specialized exercise equipment."

Jessica showed off her 'golden hip' with her 'Jessica Hip Kick', which creates an 'X-line'. 'X-line' is the generic term for the upper and lower body, where the waist is slender and the hip has volume. This newest body trend transcends the 'S-line' and is becoming popular among females.

Song Minsuk, who developed the 'Jessica Hip Kick', said, "As long as you have an umbrella or a broom, you can do this exercise at home, school, or anywhere else. If you diligently do it every day, you will slenderize your waist and lift your rear [as opposed to having your rear sag]".

Honey Thighs in Korean Language

The phrase Honey Thighs is very popular today. The word Honey Thighs in Korean Language is :
~ kkool-bawk-jjee ~
< Honey Thighs >

Photos of Korean Celebrities with honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs Park Bom
Photos of Park Bom’s honey thighs on her me2DAY commenting. Park Bom’s pure white skin and her slim thigh lines are the center of attraction for the eyes of horny netizens.

Korean Honey Thighs Park Bom
Park Bom’s photos for 2009 Melon Awards, showing her honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs Tiffany
Netizens chose SNSD's Tiffany as 1st for celebrity who has the most attractive thighs.

Korean Honey Thighs UEE
UEE from After School is famous for her honey thighs

Korean Honey Thighs UEE
The photo of UEE shows her perfect boy line,her leg lines and her honey thighs can be seen clearly in the photo above.

Korean Honey Thighs Lee Da Hae
Lee Da Hae shows her sexy honey thighs for Marie Claire.

Watch a sexy honey thighs from UEE. Cool Soju CF ft. UEE - Dance Version video

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