I Love You in Korean Language

Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

I Love You Korean Language

How to say I Love You in Korean Language ? We know that korean cultures are expanding over the world through the songs and their romance dramas. The most favourite words in Korea of course is the three fabalous words I Love You. There are many kinds of ways to say I Love You. But can be simplified with these words such as : Saranghae, saranghae yo, sarangHabNiida.

Here are the explanation and real meaning of these words including the writings :

Sarang = 사랑 = To Love
HaeYo = 해요 = Do

Sa Rang Hae = 사랑해 = I Love You
Sa Rang Hae Yo = 사랑해요 = I Love You (InFormal Polite way e.g. to parents)
Sa Rang Hab Ni Da = 사랑 합니다 = I Love You (Formal polite way)

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